Air Pollution: The Facts

Air pollution is gases and particles in the air that impacts our health. In Bristol the worst sources are nitrogen dioxide, which mostly comes from traffic, and Particulate Matter, which comes from sources such as wood burning stoves.

Bristol’s air pollution levels are illegal and have been for over twenty years. Our dirty air damages the health of our children, communities, economy and planet, and has a disproportionate impact on many communities.

Read on to learn more about why we need clean air right now.


Dirty air is killing Bristol citizens.

Air pollution is a public health crisis. Some of the conditions it contributes to are:

Healthy air is a human right that has been denied to the people of Bristol for far too long.

This is a crisis, yet in the twenty years that our air has been illegal, our councils have only offered up inaction, delays and plans that are quickly shelved. Our Air, Our City is here to say enough is enough. This is a crisis and we need clean air right now!

Read more about the history of council failings here.

Let’s push for clean air in Bristol together.

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