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For the campaign to be successful Bristol politicians must hear the voices of people from every part of the city demanding action. We invite you to raise your voice through creating posters, images, public art, animations or short videos.

What is The Writing Is On The Wall about?

The people of Bristol have suffered from illegal air for twenty years but they are not being educated about how toxic air is impacting them or of the history of council failings.

The Writing Is On The Wall will raise the profile of the issues in the lead up to the elections in May 2021, as part of the Our Air, Our City Campaign, by covering the city in art that highlights the issues.

This is an unpaid opportunity for Bristol artists to design posters, images or other public art highlighting Bristol’s toxic air. The campaign will display the best images around the city using fly posters (when pandemic rules allow) and billboard space donated to us by local advertising companies, also on social media and in the local press.  In addition, an exhibition of the best artwork will be held in HOURS gallery in central Bristol in April 2021 or as soon as possible if the pandemic will not allow a public exhibition then. 

How you can take part

Please email images of your art and of you with your art – for example holding up your poster or standing next your artwork, which we will use for our social media and press releases.  A panel of artists will choose the best artwork to be used officially for the campaign. 

  • The timescale for this campaign is limited by the local elections on 6th May. The closing date for submitting images for posters and social media is 28th February and for art work for the exhibition is 31st March
  • Artwork should be portrait format, and fit within an A4 or A3 size, 300 dpi minimum if it is digital and sent to
  • We welcome art work made by children.
  • We will make a poster which children can colour in and stick up in their window, and deliver a large number of these to homes across the city.
  • We also welcome other forms of public art such as graffiti or murals.  All we ask is that the art is free to experience and is presented somewhere members of the public can see it.
  • We encourage you to follow the branding and messaging guidelines below.
  • If you don’t have the time or artistic inclination to create original art there will be pre-made posters and flags that you can display outside your home or business to show support. To request these, please contact:
  • You are invited to come to a zoom meeting to discuss this campaign on either 19th January – 7.30, or 16th February – 7.30 – click here for details.

Branding and Messaging Guidelines

We are happy for you to add your name to your artwork and feature it on your website, or social media.  Here are our guidelines, please use them where you can as it strengthens our collective voice.  

  • The feel of the campaign is positive. We envisage a positive future of clean air, while acknowledging the severity of the issue. The facts are scary, so we aren’t warning artists away from using some fearful imagery if they are so inclined, but we ask that the overall tone of artworks is hopeful. Air pollution is a fight we can win if we act together, so artwork should leave the viewer empowered by a positive vision of the future that they can help bring about.
  • Art should be child friendly. Children are one of the demographics worst impacted by air pollution and it’s important that the project doesn’t exclude them.
  • The dimensions of Art work should be portrait format and fit within an A4 or A3 size.  Separate designs will be needed for a small number of billboards and these designs will be chosen from the A4 or A3 images sent to us which will be reformatted . 
  • You’re welcome to use whatever palette suits your piece, but the official colours of the campaign are blues and whites.
  • Please display as part of your art our QR code or web link.


If you wish to incorporate words and facts into your art, here are some issues that you might like to highlight:

Let’s push for clean air in Bristol together.

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