Make a video testimonial

For the campaign to be successful we need Bristol mayoral candidates and councillors to understand that clean air is a priority for people across the city.

Let’s flood them with videos of the people they hope to represent calling for clean air.

How to make your video
  • You can use your smart phone, laptop camera or a digital video recorder if you have one.
  • Keep your video short, sweet and to the point. Don’t go over 1 minute.
  • Please film on your doorstep or at a recognisable location in your area. This helps highlight that it is a local issue!
  • Film in landscape.
  • We recommend writing a rough script of plan of what you want to say before starting.

What to say

We recommend giving your video a beginning middle and end like any good story. Start by introducing yourself and the problem, in the middle talk about how it is impacting you personally, then wrap up by talking about how action could lead to a better future for you and call for it.

  • About you: Start with a bit about you. If you are comfortable, consider adding details such as: your first name, age, neighbourhood and profession.
  • This is a crisis!: Share a personal story about how air pollution impacts you, someone important to you, or an issue that you care about.
  • Throw some facts in if you like! Though your personal story should be given priority.
  • Clean Air for a Better Bristol: Taking action on clean air is not only to save our lives, health and environment, and make our society more just, but will make Bristol a more pleasant and prosperous city to live in. As well as talking about the negative impact of air pollution on your life, please consider talking about how a clean air Bristol would improve your life.
  • Clean Air Right Now!: Wrap up by calling on the councils and mayoral candidates to take urgent action. Mention Our Air, Our City’s objectives if you like!
  • Don’t be afraid to be emotional. Air pollution is a difficult issue and politicians need to understand it with their minds and heart.

Videos we really need!

Stories are welcomed from all Bristolians, but we’re particularly keen to have stories from people talking about their experiences with air pollution from the following angles: 

  • Workers and commuters
  • People who live in air pollution hotspots
  • Community leaders
  • Health workers and those whose health is impacted
  • Children and people who are concerned for children
  • Those who enjoy leisure time outdoors
  • People from groups that are disproportionately impacted

What to do with your video

Send to Mayoral candidates and your councillor

Sharing your personal story is a good way to put pressure on politicians that this important window in Bristol politics.

  • Automatic mail-out coming soon! Until then you can find contact details here.
  • If you like, use our open letter as the text for the email.

Share on your personal social media accounts

Sharing your story on social media is a powerful way to talk to family and friends about the issue, to spread your story beyond those you know, and to put pressure on local politicians.

  • Use the hashtag #CleanAir4Bristol
  • If you are posting on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook tag us (@ourairourcity)
  • Tag key politicians
  • Please link to our open letter asking people to sign.

Send us your video by emailing

What we will do with the best videos:

  • Share on our social media accounts and potentially with press.
  • Use it as part of promotional materials for the campaign.
  • Use it as part of displays that we plan to project onto buildings.

You can send your video as an attachment, WeTransfer or other cloud service.


Let’s push for clean air in Bristol together.

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