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The pandemic has shown us that we can act together to protect one another and the health of our city. It has also also given us a glimpse of what healthy Bristol air could be like. We must use this moment of change to tackle the air pollution crisis once and for all.

A better Bristol is possible, but your help is needed bring it into being. Find out how your small actions can make big a difference.

Sign our open letter

Add your name to the open letter that we will be sending to mayoral candidates and councillors to let them know that the people of Bristol want action now!

Sign the letter.

Share your story

For the campaign to be successful we need Bristol mayoral candidates and councillors to understand that clean air is a priority for people across the city.

Let’s flood them with videos of the people calling for clean air. Instructions here.

Become a partner

Can you link us up with any of your local community groups? Would you like to help us build networks in the city or support lobbying, education or actions?

Get in touch.

Create Art!

Help raise the profile of the issue by creating public art.

  • Fly posters
  • Murals
  • Posters for your window
  • And more!

Read the briefing.

Get Involved Session

We will be holding monthly ‘Get Involved’ sessions where you can Zoom in to hear about the latest ways to support. Your small actions can make a big difference!

Event details here.

Become an organizer

Do you have several hours a week to give the campaign and are interested in helping with action planning, lobbying or other organizational roles that arise?

We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s push for clean air in Bristol together.

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