Our Air, Our City

Bristol is facing a health, justice and environmental crisis. The air of our city is toxic and is responsible for hundreds of premature deaths a year and health conditions suffered by thousands. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. The pandemic has shown us that we can act together to protect one another and the health of our city. Taking radical and just action on our toxic air will not only improve the health of Bristol’s citizens’ and natural world but improve our quality of life. A better Bristol is possible.

How does the campaign work?

Steering Group

The Steering Group is made up of groups and communities most affected by Bristol’s air pollution and groups that have committed their resources to driving change for them. This group meets to form the campaign’s core strategy using democratic input from all campaign groups. You can find the list of Steering Group Members here.


The Steering Group makes its decisions informed by input from all campaign groups, delivered at campaign Forums. We’ve had three Forums so far. If your group would like to attend the next please get in touch! You can read more about the Forums here.

Campaign Strategy

The Steering Group have developed a campaign strategy framework. All campaign groups are invited to act within in whatever why they deem fit. If you would like to read the framework, please get in touch.

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